So, how is it that mySkin can work, but Fitaly won't?

Re: Software Incompetence -- Jean Ichbiah
Posted by Blog Jones , 10/19/2005, 16:51:22 Reply Top Forum

So, how is it mySkin (formerly skinDIA) works ( but your software won't?

Do you suppose that maybe the reason every release is a disaster is because you implemented FitalyVirtual's DIA system poorly?

Don't get me wrong, Fitaly's a great, stable product (except for the bug that I mentioned in the Support Questions below). I don't mean to say that your team is incompetent at all, because you've made a great product. But if it breaks every time Palm makes a change, but nothing else does, then maybe the problem isn't with Palm, but with your product.

-Blog Jones, who has also done his share of software development

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