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Re: TX and Fitaly virtual -- wildor
Posted by Jean Ichbiah , 10/16/2005, 08:35:11 Reply Top Forum

I hope you are wrong but would not be surprised if you are right: one more example of the complete incompetence of the Palm software team. Can you think of one other company where every new release is a new disaster?

Over the years our Palm developments and maintenance have been overly costly. I am glad they finally decided to move the software side to a company who understands what it takes to do software: Microsoft. This will be the end of a nightmare for us.

We may issue a final Fitaly 4 for the Palm. It may take some time because Alan Jay Weiner, the lead developer, is currently sick. Once this is done, Alan is eager to port Instant Text Mobile to the Pocket PC Platform.

Jean Ichbiah
Who designed Ada and does understand about software development.

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