1970 practices

Re: Wow, I can't believe you said this -- AndyMac
Posted by Jean Ichbiah , 10/17/2005, 13:41:27 Reply Top Forum

You are in the software business. As hardware changes, it's your job to either keep up or get out. If you choose to get out that's fine but don't blame me for it.

If my message sounds as blaming you, it was not the intent. My intent is rather to tell customers that they should not accept Palm being casual about compatibility.

You have it wrong on the targetting. We are not targetting a hardware but an operating system. What you are referring to -- targetting hardware is 1970 practices.

On the Pocket PC side of Fitaly we target the OS and never had to do anything when a new machine comes up. We can spend time inventing instead of tweaking.

Jean Ichbiah

For the record I will be deleting my 2 month old copy of Fitaly. I don't really care if you reimburse me or not.

We will reimburse you and anyone who is inconvenienced because what is happening is not fair and it does not matter whether it is our fault or Palm's. I am sure we'll meet you again on another of our platforms: PC, Pocket PC, or Tablet PC.

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