Wow, I can't believe you said this

Re: Customers can help too! -- Jean Ichbiah
Posted by AndyMac , 10/17/2005, 13:07:15 Reply Top Forum

It's one thing to think this, it's another to say it in your position.

First, how are we supposed to know that Palm is screwing us? I buy a new PDA based on it's feature set. I understand that some changes are going to cause problems. When I got my first color Palm there was very little software for it. Software developers adapted and now there is color everywhere. My first 320x320 palm ran a lot of programs in low-res but again software developers stepped up and updated their software to support it. The latest "innovation" was the 320x480 with collapsible graffiti. And again, software has kept up.

But if I change from a 320x480 color unit to a 320x480 color unit, is it too much for me as a consumer to expect that the software will work? I don't think so. In fact Fitaly is the ONLY program that isn't working in my change from the LifeDrive to the TX.

Now, as I said in my prior post, I can understand your frustration with Palm. But to take it out on us, the consumers? That's just stupid for someone who is trying to sell me something.

You are in the software business. As hardware changes, it's your job to either keep up or get out. If you choose to get out that's fine but don't blame me for it.

For the record I will be deleting my 2 month old copy of Fitaly. I don't really care if you reimburse me or not.

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