ResEdit, I'm a Lefty, and are "Events" sounds enabled?

Re: Colored buttons? Side Bar :) Error Beeps :( -- Sing Tay
Posted by oe1k , Wed, Dec 04, 2002, 14:30:52 Reply Top Forum

My colored Fitaly is just me playing around with editing the bitmaps in the PocketFitaly.dll file using PE Resource Editor and Resource Hacker. (email me for info).

I set my Side Bar to the left, because I'm left-handed and it seems better. Maybe deep-down you're a closet lefty and you don't know it? (-;

For beeps to work, make sure that in your "Sounds and Notifications" Control Panel, you have enabled "Events (warnings, system events)" other-wise they still won't play, even if the volume is full.

-Richard L. Owens
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