Colored buttons? Side Bar :) Error Beeps :(

Posted by Sing Tay , Wed, Dec 04, 2002, 12:56:29 Reply   Forum

Hi Richard, I noticed that your screenshot of your copy of FitalyPPC has colored buttons. How did you do that? The Options page didn't let me set colors.

I noticed that you've also set your 'Side Bar' position to the Left rather than the default Right. I did the same coz it's easier for right-handed pple. I thought it should've been defaulted to the Left. :)

Oh, and also my FitalyLetris doesn't give any beeps, although the 'Beep on Error' option was checked. I prefer to have the beeps though, coz I would normally go thru the whole phrase in one breath, so to speak, & would only stop & restart the test if I made an error. Sometimes, I wasn't aware that I'd made an error & would finished typing the full phrase & realized at the end that I was stuck earlier in the phrase & had wasted my efforts. The error beeps would help, & yes, my PPC is at full volume. :)

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