Reflecting the methods

Re: Some thoughts on this -- Hannes Frischat
Posted by Jean Ichbiah , Thu, Nov 28, 2002, 05:57:30 Reply Top Forum

3. The test reflects the general writing speed of the methods. Everybody can draw his or hers own conclusions then.

We may achieve this when we have enough entries. At this stage we are starting to get a good sample of Fitaly entries, from slow ones to very fast ones, and they start to be a reflection of the differences to be expected among users. This is not yet the case for other methods. For example, the thumboard entries are only champions and no pedestrians :)

I am also puzzled by the shape of the curve as we do not seem to have the proportion you would normally expect for average entries. This is likely to become more representative in the coming weeks.

Jean Ichbiah

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