Re: Some thoughts on this -- Hannes Frischat
Posted by MC Skoop , Wed, Nov 27, 2002, 16:53:31 Reply Top Forum

I thought the above post made a good point. Where do you stand in relation to how fast it would take you to write the contest passage on pen and paper?

It took me 44 secs to write that passage as fast as I could on paper. I can do it in less time than that on my palm with MEST. This confirms what I have believed to be true for a while now that I am faster on my palm than with a pen and paper.

Of course the benefits of having my notes on a searchable database and always with me and backed up is enough of a reason for me to want to take notes on my palm anyway. It is just nice to know it also faster. Not to mention more legible!

BTW to type the passage on a full size qwerty it currently takes me 32 seconds.
Best MEST Time = 38 seconds.

Interesting observation methinks.

MC SKoop

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