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Type even faster with the Expander

Sliding is one way to be faster. Fitaly offers another complementary way to be even faster writing and taking notes. You can use the new text expander capability with customizable glossaries. A few letters expand into your most frequently used words, phrases, addresses, professional terms, and more.

Based on the glossary you load and the Expander option you select, the preview window will suggest possible expansions after you type one letter, two letters or more. You can create your own glossary or use and add to the glossaries that come with Fitaly.
In the picture below you see the suggestions the preview window shows when typing ah. You tap the one you want and Fitaly expands it into your note or email. The already highlighted choice can alternately be expanded by the shortcut key shortcut key


Should the preview window be in the way and you want to close it, you can tap the Esc key or tap on the caption bar.


The glossary file is the file that contains all your abbreviations you want to expand. You can load an existing glossary or create a new one. Glossaries can be created and customized with the Fitaly Editor.


You can switch to an alternate glossary by tapping the info icon  information key which opens up the information menu where you can tap on Load glossary ... right away, or you can also open a new glossary in the Fitaly Editor itself.

Expander parameters

The Expander options let you choose the number of letters you want to type before the Fitaly Expander suggests possible expansions. If you choose to have suggestions after 1 letter, depending on the size of your glossary, you may get a long list of choices. Setting the option to 2 may be a better choice as the screen can only show as many as the screen real estate allows for.

Fitaly displays all the expansions for an abbreviation that starts with the letters you have typed last. Assuming you want suggestions after 2 letters, you can type aw and you will get all the shortcuts starting with aw:

aw along with
aw any way
awa as well as
awcttc as we come to the conclusion
awcttct as we come to the conclusion that
awd at what date
awd as we discussed
awt at which time

Note that the expander can be switched on or off  in the expander options or even quicker in a dedicated slide.

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