Usage Tips from Instant Text Users

Guidelines for Glossary Compilation
Step 4: Share Your Glossaries With Others

by Robert Hill

Instant Text glossary files are DOS-compatible "text-only" files that just happen to be named with the .glo extension. This feature means that they are small and compact, can be edited and examined with any DOS or Windows word processor, and can be easily transmitted by floppy disk or across the Internet to any other Instant Text user.

Take advantage of this feature:

You have a glossary of chemotherapy drugs.
Your friend has one for AIDS drugs.
Why not trade?

You'll both benefit. Of course, you do have to be cautious about proper spellings and syntax contained in Instant Text glossaries.

On the other hand, you don't have to worry about computer viruses being transmitted in these exchanges (for reasons that I'll gladly go into if you want to email me personally - that is not within the scope of this document).