Usage Tips from Instant Text Users

Guidelines for IT Glossary Compilation
Step 3: Groom, Edit, and Enrich Glossaries as Necessary

by Robert Hill

Instant Text is designed to develop with you over time.

In medical transcription, you're constantly adding new words to your vocabulary. Instant Text is designed to compile a list of words and phrases that you've used IN THE PAST. Therefore, as you use new words Instant Text can learn them and incorporate them into your glossaries. You can add them by recompiling glossaries from extended and updated archives of text, or you can add them by "enriching" your existing glossaries.

However you choose, be sure to keep building your Instant Text glossaries until you no longer need to. You should reach a point where Instant Text already knows what you will need for the most part. You may feel that you're constantly enriching for the first few weeks of using Instant Text, but that will taper off to a trickle after a while.

Instant Text keeps learning from you as long as there is something new to learn. The more there is to learn, the faster it happens.