Usage Tips from Instant Text Users

Using an entry with a "wrong" spelling and have it come out right

by Gail Hall

Doctor states, "She has edema and swelling, breakdown of skin on the left leg. A tentative diagnosis [...] dermitis is made. She is being treated with (s/l Seroxlyn or Ceroxlyn) [...]"

The drug name was tough: Zaroxolyn. Yes, z is another letter to try looking under for those ssssss sounds! Some ESLs especially may not give the z enough zzzzzzz sound.

I was pretty sure I had it in my Instant Text drug list but didn't find it under c or s, so I tried z, and caught it by typing the letters I was pretty sure were there: zrx. If I had a bunch of other z drugs, I might have had to type the l and/or n as well. I was less sure of the vowels in the word so didn't try using vowels this time.

If I need a name a lot and constantly spell it wrong, I define an abbreviation spelled wrong and have it expand to the correct spelling. (For example, you could define Seroxlyn to expand to Zaroxolyn.) That keeps reminding me of the correct spelling and at the same time makes sure I enter it correctly.

Gail M. Hall