Usage Tips from Instant Text Users

Using Instant Text as a Spellchecker with Wildcards

by Gail Hall

I'm unable to find a drug today (have checked my drug reference books, the top 200 prescriptions, and the RX list). Could be I am simply spelling it totally wrong?

Here it is: Skelaxin

One of the things I like about Instant Text is that once I put a drug into my IT glossary, especially if I put it in as a word, I can enter the letters I do hear and frequently the word shows up in the list.

For example, I went to my MEDSLIST.GLO and typed slx and I saw Skelaxin pop into the advisory window. Obviously, I would need to verify that this is the actual drug that fits the context of the case!

In IT as long as the string is in the word list, you can type any letters that are in the word and leave out ones you don't now for sure and the word will pop up. But there is one big if on that. That is, if there are more words that contain those same letters than the number of lines in your advisory, only the first ones will appear. So it helps if you can use a combination of letters that are not found in a lot of different words. In a name like Skelaxin, the less common letters would be k and x. But I wouldn't use k because the word might be spelled with a c or ch (as in school), so I use slx.

A search engine that supports wildcards is super valuable, I think, because you can enter what you do hear and use the wildcard character for the parts that you aren't sure of, e.g., s*lax*n.

But in IT you do not even need to use the wildcard characters when looking for a word. Just use letters that you are quite sure will be in the word.

Gail M. Hall