Phrase Abbreviations

Save even more with phrases

You write complete phrases in the same manner and the payoff is even higher. Here too, there is nothing to memorize and many possible variations work for you: To abbreviate a phrase, include the initial letters of some or all words of the phrase, starting with the initials of its first two words.

For example, to enter the phrase one of the (one of the most frequent phrases of the English language), you can abbreviate it as oot or even oo:

Similarly, if you deal with contracts, the phrase shown below may occur frequently and you may abbreviate it as indicated in the Short column:

As we already saw in the case of word abbreviations, Instant Text does not require that you memorize specific abbreviations. You just enter the first two initials and some of the others.

You don't predefine abbreviations: You enter them on-the-fly and Instant Text interprets them as you type.