Instant Text on a Tablet PC

Instant Text with Fitaly

The abbreviation capabilities of Instant Text are especially valuable for text entry on a Tablet PC, where all input is done with the pen — as there is no keyboard.

The pen turns out to be a very efficient device for selecting words and phrases in advisories. A single tap on the desired advisory line is all that is needed to select the corresponding expansion. No marker is needed and there is no need for special keys to move the highlight.

These abbreviation capabilities can be supplemented by an onscreen keyboard, called the FITALY keyboard (patented), designed for entry with a single finger or with a pen:

Unlike onscreen replications of the QWERTY keyboard, input on the FITALY keyboard is possible without hand movement: resting the hand on the surface of the computer and moving only the fingers holding the pen.

Moreover, this keyboard layout is designed to minimize pen (or finger) travel. The consequence of this optimization is that the key you tap next is most often a key that is adjacent to the last key you typed.

For example, try to type do it with a pen and you will see that this can be achieved with very limited pen travel on the Fitaly keyboard:

Fitaly: Qwerty:

As you can see, the pen travel is about three times larger on the QWERTY onscreen keyboard.