Expanding Abbreviations — Markers

Expand with a marker key or a space

So you typed chat and you may wonder how Instant Text can decide whether to expand this to the word characteristics, the phrase Consultant hereby agrees... or simply to the word chat.

Markers keys are part of the answer. You may designate rarely used keys such as the semicolon as "marker keys" and use them after an abbreviation to tell Instant Text which form of expansion to use. For example, you can use the marker key ; to tell Instant Text that what precedes is a phrase abbreviation:

type: to get:
chat; Consultant hereby agrees to perform the following

Similarly, you can use the marker [ to tell Instant Text that what precedes is a word abbreviation:

type: to get:
chat[ characteristics

And, of course, if you just want to get the word chat itself, you put a space after the word as usual.

These examples have used the characters ; and [ as markers but Instant Text allows you to select other characters as your own markers.

You can even choose to expand with the space bar but in that case, you will need to be careful when you want to type a simple word such as chat followed by a space — You will need to type Escape before the space to avoid expanding an abbreviation if one is defined for these letters.

On a Tablet PC, you donít even need a marker: you just tap on the right choice.