Instant Text suggests continuations...

Continuations come as the ultimate final bonus when typing documents that use standard clauses, as is often the case in medical and legal documents.

The key idea in continuations... is that once you've typed the beginning of a phrase, Instant Text will often be able to suggest its natural continuations.

In the example that follows, we assume that we are using our Contract glossary. So after typing ico, the Phrase Advisory appears as follows:

Let us expand the highlighted phrase In consideration of by typing the marker ; and a new list of phrases will appear in the Phrase Advisory:

Essentially, the advisory contains the most likely continuations for the phrase In consideration of. Here again, we type ; to expand the first phrase. And the advisory now displays continuations for In consideration of the mutual:

Likewise, after expanding the first row, another list of possible phrases is displayed in the advisory:

followed by another:

and finally:

To summarize, we typed:


and obtained the expansion:

In consideration of the mutual covenants contained herein and other good and valuable consideration

This did not require us to remember any abbreviation as the choices were made step by step. At each step we were presented with a set of likely continuations allowing us to make a fast choice.

Note that this represents a reduction in the number of keystrokes by a factor of almost 10: We typed 9 characters and obtained the resulting 87 characters! Continuations make this kind of keystroke-to-output ratio possible because they use the information gathered by Instant Text when compiling a set of documents.

Some of you may find a medical example more convincing. So here is one.