Who Will Benefit From Instant Text?

The fastest way from thought to type!

You may have dreamed of producing documents as fast as you can think — Now, Instant Text brings you closer to that dream by letting you abbreviate almost everything you type.

Medical Transcriptionists

Instant Text puts complex medical knowledge at your fingertips. Complicated terminology instantly displayed in the advisory windows, leaving no room for error — with Instant Text the terminology and spelling is correct right from the start.

Should the dictation be difficult to understand alone, Instant Text advisories provide context with precise terminology. The advisories narrow the possible choices to a few logical alternatives, allowing faster and more accurate work than ever before.

Attorneys, Legal Assistants, Paralegals

For your contracts, wills, briefs, pleadings, trust instruments, and many other documents. With far less stress, fewer errors, consistent capitalization, reduced proof-reading, many fewer keystrokes.

Your existing documents are a virtual gold mine! Have Instant Text create separate glossaries for different subjects, clients, and specialties — each specialty with its own custom glossary. You benefit by using all your past correspondence, all your past work, and all your past thinking to speed up your typing in the future.

Technical Writers and Translators

Have Instant Text produce a glossary from documents on the current subject. Then enrich it after completing the section on definitions. All your specialized terminology will be readily available... Ideal for enforcing controlled vocabularies.

Proposal Writers

Have Instant Text produce a glossary from the text of an RFP or from previous proposals. Reuse your most forcefully constructed ideas and personal style, without reinventing what you had invented before.

Tablet PC Users

Writing on a Tablet PC is slow and frustrating, and you are too often in this situation where you'd like to say "you know what I mean?"

You will find that Instant Text knows what you mean after just a few letters... And catching these continuations with a simple tap of the pen is even easier than on a full keyboard!

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Help Desk Applications

With Instant Text, it becomes possible for Help Desk Operators to enter normal text instead of cryptic notes that are difficult to exploit...

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Whether you are a fast or slow typist

Instant Text is for fast typists who want to be even faster. Yes, it is possible to type faster than speech — which means that speech recognition will not help you as much. And if you are using speech recognition products, you can also use Instant Text to produce vocabularies for them.

Instant Text is also for the slow — even the very slow typists — who want to get up to an acceptable speed.

Whenever accurate and precise
terminology is required...