Instant Text — Glossary Includes

A Glossary with Includes

The combined glossary defined in the Includes dialog has entries in the order in which constituent glossaries are listed.

[include C:\InstText\Exchange\Ages.glo]
[Glossary Medical Base]
[include C:\InstText\Glossary\Address.glo]
[include C:\InstText\Glossary\Drug List.glo]
[include C:\InstText\Exchange\Sutures.glo]

The effect of the Includes is to produce a combined glossary, with entries in the order in which glossaries are listed in the dialog. For example, assuming all glossaries have phrases with a short form starting with mo, then after typing these two letters, the Phrase Advisory shows them in this order:

mo entries of Ages

mo entries of Medical Base

mo entries of Address

mo entries of Drug List

mo entries of Sutures