Instant Text V Pro — Link on Demand

Link on Demand

Instant Text V Pro's new Link on Demand feature addresses the needs of a growing category of Windows users who use larger screens and more powerful machines and who tend to run several applications simultaneously.

For different applications, we use different glossaries and we also vary the number of advisory lines. Here is an example of what we would like to do. Wouldn't it be nice if your expander could automatically adapt to each of these applications and follow you as you switch between them?

MS Word

In MS Word, for heavy text entry, we use 6 advisory lines and the Medstart glossary.

Outlook Express

To prepare email in Outlook, we use 3 advisory lines and the Internet glossary.


And for web pages in UltraEdit, we use 2 advisory lines and the Html glossary.

We shall see now how to do this with Instant Text V Pro's Link on Demand.

Automatic Linking

There are applications with which you always want to use Instant Text. For others it can be rarely or never. To address these different situations, the new Link dialog allows you to specify whether Instant Text should link automatically to a given application.

Once Link Automatically is selected, linking to the application does not require using the link dialog. As soon as that application is active, Instant Text links itself automatically. Link happens on demand, as you start the application, or as you activate it with the mouse or Alt+Tab.

The Application Dictates its Size and Place

Now that Instant Text links automatically to the application, it makes sense to have it resize itself to match the size of the application. This means that Instant Text follows the application. — It also means that if you have carefully arranged several windows on your screen, Instant Text is not going to change the arrangement you selected.

So, with Instant Text V Pro, if you resize an application, this resizes Instant Text. Similarly if you move an application to another place, Instant Text follows. As you switch between different applications, Instant Text keeps moving and resizing itself. There are other aspects of this adaptability:

The Application Dictates the Glossary and the Advisories

As we said in the introduction, you may want to specify the glossary and the number of advisory lines to be used for each application. Customizing how Instant Text works with a given application is done with the Link Options panel.

For example, the image below shows how to specify 3 advisory lines and the glossary Html.glo when linking to UltraEdit:

You can also specify whether the Word advisory, the Phrase advisory, or both advisories appear for a given application.

Finally, for some applications such as Meditech, you may want to uncheck the box "Instant Text Follows Application Automatically" and have Instant Text at the bottom of the screen for that application.

Conclusion: More flexibility with linking on demand

A significant advance of Linking on Demand is that it makes Instant Text much more flexible and more adaptable to the requirements of client applications.

With Link on Demand, Instant Text V Pro can still satisfy heavy usage with a single maximized application. But Link on Demand also makes Instant Text much easier to use with multiple open applications. In addition, the ability to use it selectively for some but not all applications is a time saver: Instant Text does not have to be closed and reopened.

All of this will make it more appealing, and even for occasional users... who may take advantage of continuations on the fly.