Instant Text V Pro — Continuations

More Powerful Continuations

Instant Text's patented continuations have always been one of the strongest contributions to keystroke reduction. The new improved technique used by Instant Text V Pro makes continuations even more effective.

One key decision for continuations is finding out which ones to display when there are more of them than available advisory lines. In such situations, the new technique displays continuations of wider contexts first. Then, continuations of smaller contexts are shown only insofar as sufficient advisory lines remain.

As an example, continuations for a wide context such as the lateral side of the are listed before those for the smaller context side of the. Likewise, continuations for side of the are listed before those for of the. This means that the most relevant continuations appear first: Obviously, there are more possible continuations for two words such as of the and they have less chance to be what we want.

The second major improvement is that this technique makes continuations much more predictable. Assume for example, that you start typing and the advisory shows the following phrases:

With the new technique, you can safely select the first sentence as you can now count on getting to the recovery room as one of the later continuations offered.

Continuations are expected to be very important for casual users of Instant Text who may not want to use many abbreviations but who are likely to be very happy when they see in the advisory what they intend to type next.

For professional users, continuations are even more important as they are the only way to reach keystroke reductions of 70% and even beyond.