Instant Text V Pro — Commands

Commands in glossary entries

Instant Text already offers formatted entries using rich text format. For lighter formatting tasks, Instant Text V Pro lets you embed commands such as function keys and Ctrl or Alt keys. 

The command syntax is very similar to what has been used in PRD and many macro languages, and you can write commands such as {Backspace} and {F10}. But there is actually no need to remember a syntax as you can use the command dialog to type a key or key combination:

And after typing, the dialog automatically shows the command you typed:

Commands are expected to be used for simple formatting such as bolding or italics. This is actually a lighter solution than current formatted entries since it does not record other information such as the current font. For example, a bold title can be entered as the following entry (note that the prefix {Command} is automatically added):

Commands allow you to use all the shortcuts of a Word Processor — with the risk of creating glossaries that are word-processor dependent. For example, a subscripted entry for H2O in Word may be entered as follows:

Another powerful use of commands is to call macros. The following example calls a WordPerfect macro with the Alt F10 shortcut:

Alt F10 opens the WordPerfect macro selection dialog and this selects the macro GotoHeader.wcm. Then the Enter key closes the macro selection dialog and executes it. Finally, "Voila!" is typed at the current place.