Instant Text — Glossary Includes

Shell glossaries for transcription systems

Maximum efficiency in the use of Instant Text can be achieved when using glossaries that are customized for each doctor, and we have seen that such glossaries can be produced very easily by compiling previous reports. An optimal transcription system structure can be based on this idea.

The first step is to add doctor-specific glossaries to the transcription database, these glossaries being compiled from reports of the database. The next step is for the system to generate a shell glossary on-the-fly for each transcription job. For example:

[Glossary New Job]
[include \\Common\Glossary\Toni.glo]
[include \\Common\Glossary\Dr Leee.glo]
[include \\Common\Glossary\Cardiology.glo]
[include \\Common\Glossary\Standard.glo]

These five lines reflect the requirements of the job: First, the glossary "Toni.glo" specific to the transcriptionist handling the report; second, the glossary "Dr Lee.glo" for the current doctor; then, specialty glossaries such as "Cardiology.glo" which reflect the nature of the report; and finally, the glossary "Standard.glo" that describes company standard definitions.

Such shell glossaries are easy to generate and a transcription system can download them along with voice files for transcription jobs.