Instant Text — Glossary Includes

The Need for Glossary Includes

Glossary Includes provide a simple and efficient way to construct and to manage families of related glossaries.

Consider a hypothetical situation. You are using your usual glossary — say Medical Base — but you would like to add information from other glossaries. For example, you would like to add Ages, your Drug List, Sutures, and Address (somehow, you always wind up needing the Address glossary!).

One solution would be to create a combined glossary using the Glossary Merge command. The drawback is that you would have to redo all the merges every time you add a new drug to Drug list or a new address to Address.

This is why we have Includes: Includes let you create a combined glossary while the constituent glossaries remain separate.

Each glossary is represented by a single line in the Edit Includes dialog, used to create the combined glossary. The glossary itself - Medical Base - is shown here as the second line, and there is one line for each Include.