Instant Text V Pro — Major Tools

Instant Text V Pro — The Tools

While the main purpose of Instant Text is to save time during text entry, that of the new tools bundled with Instant Text V Pro is to save more time in many tasks that you do in between.

The first two tools are to do line counts and to prepare reports covering them, as well as invoices. These tools use an approach similar to that of popular programs such Quicken and Quickbooks.

In Quicken, for example, you record checks and specify a type of expense; then you can do reports on how much you spent on restaurants or some other category. Similarly, the Line Count creates one record for each document. Then you can use the Line Reporter to get a report by client, by month, and so on.

Other tools include a revamped Importer and the Glossary Workshop, a new set of tools to manage and enhance glossaries