Instant Text V Pro — Importer

The New Importer

Central to Instant Text is the idea of using several glossaries — not just one. The Importer and the new Glossary Workshop have been designed to help in the creation and maintenance of these multiple glossaries.

Several additional import formats are included in the revised Importer. Combined with the existing imports, this covers the most important expanders.

DBF is a widely available format for data bases and handling DBF it makes it possible to import from several proprietary systems. In addition, importing address files is now more powerful, as discussed below.

CSV and DBF Addresses

CSV – comma separated values – is a widely used format for databases. It is used for Lotus Organizer address files and several other programs allow exporting an address book to a CSV format. The CSV importing capability of the Importer now offers more flexibility:

The new dialog below allows you to select which fields to put in addresses and to specify their order, where to have line breaks and commas. The same dialog is used also to import address books stored as DBF files.

Better Address Glossaries

The earlier Importer 3.5 creates short forms for addresses that are made from the initials of the first name-last name combination. Users of large address files want the ability to use other forms and this is what the new dialog shown below now allows:

Selecting Last name produces smith, selecting First and Last produces marcsmith. Selecting Initials produces mfs as in the earlier Importer.