Instant Text V Pro — Glossary Viewer

The New Glossary Viewer

Much of the efficiency of working with Instant Text comes from the glossaries you use. The new Glossary Viewer is the tool of choice to maintain glossaries and to find out about their contents.

Instant Text users typically use Glossary Includes to combine several glossaries. The new Glossary Viewer has been designed to quickly find out where a given entry comes from — from which included glossary —, as well as to provide more convenient access and faster ways for editing glossary entries.

The New Viewer Reflects Includes

The new Glossary Viewer fully reflects the effect of Glossary Includes:

Previewing Glossary Entries

Pressing F6 shows a preview of the highlighted entry in a popup window.

This is very useful for previewing long entries that may take several paragraphs. In addition, the preview shows formatted entries (stored in RTF code) with all their formatting attributes.

Opening The Viewer Only Takes a Right-Click

You type aa and the first line already contains what you want... But that B in Biopsy on the third line really hurts the eye of a professional and it would be nice to correct it immediately.

With Instant Text V Pro, you just right-click on the faulty entry and this opens the Glossary Viewer with the entry at the top.


Now you can edit it. And if it is an entry from an included glossary, just press F7 to open the included glossary, again with the entry on the first line.

Instantaneous Glossary Updates

Instant Text V Pro allows instantaneous glossary updates when you add, delete, or edit a glossary entry. This is not going to be noticed by users of relatively small glossaries and there is actually an option to turn off the optimized loading.

On the other hand, some users have very large glossaries that take several seconds to load. With the new version, adding an entry does not force a full glossary reload and is therefore instantaneous.