Instant Text V Pro — Faster Searches

Faster and Easier Searches

Part of the work needed to maintain glossaries is finding entries you want to review and possibly change. The Search function has been made easier and faster to use.

Searching and History

The search string can be typed directly into a search editor that is always there — there is no dialog to open. You can also select a search string by clicking on a word from a line of the Viewer or by highlighting part of a line.

A history of previous searches is maintained. The history is available in a drop-down list which opens with F5 or with a click on the search list button.

Accelerators are provided for faster access. Ctrl+S sets the focus on the search editor and F3 (or Alt+S) searches for the next match. Searching for the previous match is obtained by holding the Shift key while pressing the search button or with Shift+F3.

Hints on Shortcuts

If you start thinking that this makes a lot of shortcut keys to remember, just place the mouse on the Help button and a useful hint window will be displayed.

Searching for Phrases

The Group search button and its attached two-letter editor offer a fast way to display the group of phrase entries whose short code start with the two letters.

Accelerators help. For example, to get the tt two-letter group, you can use the accelerator Ctrl+G to set the focus on the group editor. Then type tt and the accelerator Alt+G.

To display the start of the word section, click on "Words" on the status bar or type Alt+W. To show the start of the phrase section, click on "Phrases" or type Alt+P. Here too, you can place the mouse on the status bar to see what these shortcuts are.