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Glossary MT_Phras.glo by Robert T. Hill

This is a list of thousands of phrases, some hyphenated. It is intended for use as a reference material and finding names of instruments, procedures, and stock phrases. For best results, compile your own glossaries and use MT_Phras.glo as a supplement since MT_Phras.glo offers few sentence continuations.

Hyphenated words are in Word Advisory. For example:
Phrase Advisories include names of tools, terms of art, and standard phrases:
 bvtBarron-Hessburg vacuum trephine
 mmMariceau-Smellie-Veit maneuver
 dnsdeviated nasal septum
 tpwpthe patient was placed

This is a work in progress. Kindly report any errors to the below email address. Thanks.- Robert


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