What users say about Instant Text

Instant Text offers many great features

by Nicole Holmes

Posted February 01, 2007 on MT Stars

I have increased my productivity 60-70% in the past year and a half using Instant Text. Some people complain about it being hard to get used to because it runs across the bottom of the screen, but I like it. I have mine set to show me 9 rows at a time so I usually don't even have to type out the entire short form before I see it and can choose it. They also don't like getting used to hitting the ; key as the marker instead of the space bar (there is a mode where you can use it like PRD but then you lose a lot of the features). It took me about 2-3 weeks to get really used to the marker keys, and now I'm so used to it that it is automatic.

A big pro is that if you switch jobs you can take it with you because it links to multiple applications. (I work 2 jobs and use it on both platforms which is great, no more adding expansions to 2 separate glossaries). I like that you can separate and make multiple glossaries if you want, the compile and continuation features save tons of time, I like that you have the option of entering both words and phrases, it comes in handy for those big long single words. I keep a list of all my drugs on my word side and once I enter them I never have to look up the spelling again. You can set it to automatically capitalize letters after a . or : and you can set it to automatically add 1 or 2 spaces after a period or colon or a comma. I like not having to worry about what I name my short forms, it doesn't matter if the abbreviation can also be a real word (ie PAT) because you don't accidentally expand them just by hitting the space bar.

Another cool feature of IT is that you can not only make expansions for words and phrases, you can make up your own commands. Like I have one that will go up in my report and find DIAGNOSIS and change it to DIAGNOSES if there winds up being more than 1. I also have one that will delete the 1. if the doctor dictates a 1. and doesn't dictate a 2. as well as I made one that will go to the beginning of a paragraph if they dictate a 2 without dictating a 1 and it will put a 1. and 2 spaces, then go to the end of the paragraph and put a 2. and 2 spaces and then my cursor is right where I need it to start #2.

As you can tell I am a huge fan of IT and think it is the best thing that has happened to my line counts in my 16 years of transcribing.

Nicole Holmes