What users say about Instant Text

There is no comparison!

by Jane Nehring

Posted November 03, 2007 on MT Stars

There is no comparison to any other program out there for Instant Text. IT is way, way more powerful and more instantly customizable that any other program by far. It is worth every penny, and remember it is a tax write-off one of the very, very few we can claim, so go for it. You will never be sorry. Within minutes of loading it on your machine, you will be able to use it. You will be astonished by what it can do.

Autocorrect is very cool, and very fast, but it has a very limited capacity. ShortHand conflicts with Autocorrect, whereas if you have already been using Autocorrect, IT will work right along with your existing shortcuts without a hitch, and without you doing a thing. Instant Text is very smart, and you can make it smarter by letting it create glossaries for you. Don't hesitate! The sooner you buy it, the sooner you'll become proficient. I wish I had bought it two years ago.

Jane Nehring