What users say about Instant Text

Instant Text is flexible

by Gayla "Rennie" Bly

Posted July 24, 2002 on sci.med.transcription

I've been using it since last December and absolutely love it. It's the kind of program that you can use in many ways, so it's hard to tell you what your learning curve would be. For instance, you can start using it right away to expand abbreviations you already have without much of a learning curve. It has an Importer than converts almost anything out there.

It also has features that are a little more advanced. I actually hate to use that word (advanced), because they aren't hard to learn, I just mean you can go beyond just straight text expansion.

For instance, you have the ability to include commands in your expansions (kind of like a macro, you know?), it has a Line Reporter, it has a built-in Workshop where you can tweak and tune your glossaries to work best for you. I like that there are so many options with it. It's flexible. I can do my thing, you can do yours. :)

Another big plus to me is the automatic glossary compilation feature. You can just point IT to a directory full of reports, and it will go read them and create a glossary with phrases and words that are commonly used. You can set the frequencies to be whatever you want. I love watching it do that. It's SO fast!

I also like the Includes feature of the glossaries. This lets you have multiple glossaries, where you just include whatever glossaries you want into your main glossary. There are lots of possibilities there.

Anyway, everyone has a different favorite expander, but I wanted to let you know I really adore my Instant Text. :)

Gayla "Rennie" Bly