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The IT investment

by Pam Cadd

Posted Jun 27, 2003 on the Instant Text Forum

Pam Cadd responds to the question:

I'm just getting started in transcription. Is there anywhere else to get IT other than paying 189.00?

Can you get IT somewhere else for less? Not that I'm aware of. But the capabilities of this polished and professional program, its rock-solid stability, tech support (including this forum) and the commitment by the developers to keep updating it make it a great value at $189, even though we might wish to find it for less at the warehouse club store or "bargainsonline.com"

I'm also fairly new to transcription - have only been working for six months, with no formal MT education.

My company uses Shorthand, so that was my introduction to expanders. I did a lot of research into other expanders, though, after I saw the Shorthand "manual" and capabilities up close. I ended up purchasing IT as an investment in my future career — I expect to be working as an MT for the next 10 years. From that point of view, it's a modest outlay on an annual basis. My employer was skeptical and others in the office made dire predictions about how risky it was for me to use this program they were unfamiliar with.

Six months later, I'm delighted that I left them to their turboprop program while I'm jetting along with IT, seeing my speed increase steadily. IT saves me time and hand strain every day and I'm still exploring its capabilities. I wouldn't transcribe without it.

And, no, I have no affiliation to the program or its developers - just a very satisfied customer.

IT is an investment that will pay you back every day you use it.

Pam Cadd