What users say about Instant Text

Formatted Entries

by Linda Esslink

Posted July 24, 2000 on sci.med.transcription

Linda Esslink responds to a question on sci.med.transcription:

I use autotext quite often for frequently used terms, etc. I use two different fonts and sizes for the two accounts I have. Sometimes the same term is used in both accounts but when I use my autotext, it will come out in the font that I originally entered it in. Does anyone know how to set this up so that it will be the same in either font? Also would like info on Instant Text. Heard it's good but don't really know anyone who uses it.

I use WP8 and had the same problem with QuickWords (formatted expander) and anything I saved was saved only in a particular font and size. I just used the QuickWords with the docs that used that particular size and style I had saved it in and used the QuickCorrect for all other expansions that didn't need specific formatting, i.e. bold, underline, etc.

I then bought Instant Text Pro and it is worth every penny I spent on it. It formats and expands everything just as you would want it to be done. All you have to do is have a glossary setup and formatted for each particular doctor or font and style you use.

Someone had mentioned on here there was a learning curve and you had to adjust to a new way of typing. But the only thing I found difficult was setting it up and it really wasn't that hard.

They have an excellent support system. Since I set it up to expand with the space bar, I see no difference from the WP word expanders at all. The WP expanders (QuickCorrect and QuickWords) are now combined into one program. I open IT up and let it play in the background so that I don't even know it is there until I want to add something to it. This is done by using the Alt+= and it pops up to add things to it.

The best part of IT is that there seems to be no limit in how many expansions you can put into it. I converted all that I had in QuickCorrect (which was full and I couldn't add any more to it) and added my specific format styles of QuickWords into separate glossaries (files) for each specialty and have been adding TONS to it since. I am sure there is a limit, but I haven't found it yet.

As you save different glossaries in each different specialty, you just bring that glossary up as you are doing that particular doc. I have one huge glossary with all common medical word expansions and I put the specialty docs in their own glossary (with the special formatting, etc.) and bring them both up to use as needed.

The only thing I wish IT would do is expand in ALL Windows programs, although there is an extensive list of programs it does work in on their site.

Linda Esslink