What users say about Instant Text

I use Instant Text Pro and love it

by Barb Krultz

Posted June 8, 2003 on sci.med.transcription

Barb Krultz responds to a question on sci.med.Transcription:

Any comments on the Instant Text program you are using? What do you like/dislike about it?

I use InstantText Pro and love it. The things I like are the document count feature, which I use for billing. The automatic creation of word and phrase lists is really handy because I do general transcription as well as medical (I have separate word and phrase lists depending on subject matter/client). Since I have trouble remembering abbreviations particularly if you haven't used some of them in a while, InstantText works great for me.

InstantText has what are called continuations, which really means if you key in the beginning of a sentence that could have multiple choices for an ending, you can select the proper end part of the sentence from among the list or you can type in your own ending. For example: Deep tendon reflexes are 2+ (the start of the sentence and entered into IT as a phrase), and then I can select from the continuations such as :

at both knees and ankles
at both knees and diminished at the ankles

I pretty much use IT as a cheater's way to look up the spelling of some things, like maybe a doctor's name, because you can find the spelling pretty easy without even having to know the correct spelling. As long as you know the first letter of the name and any of the other letters in order within the name, the word or phrase list will bring up a selection of names for you to pick from.

Of course, for any word or phrase, it has to be spelled correctly before you create a list with IT, but you can go in and manually make changes to the word and phrase lists. You can also move words and phrases up higher on the list or move them downwards, which I have done with frequently used words and phrases.

Although IT can automatically create abbreviations for you, you can still create your own abbreviations.

I generally don't type directly into IT although you can (because I use templates in a word processor). You can link IT to any program you are using in Windows, so it will work in any Windows word processor, your e-mail, etc.

I'm trying to think what I don't like about IT, and that's hard to come up with. I did change which keys you use to expand a word or phrase. The longer I've used IT, the more ways I have found to use it to simplify or save time. I have never had any problems using it with my old computer (windows 95) or this newer one, XP. Doesn't hog up memory at all.

I can't work without an expander because first of all, I can't remember how to spell some things — I'm used to abbreviating — and it saves soooo much time.

Barb Krultz
B. Krultz & Associates