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My favorite new features of IT V Pro

by Patty Ahalt

Posted Apr 22, 2002 on the Instant Text Forum

I have had the pleasure of being one of the IT-Pro-V beta testers for the past year. Participating in this process has been very interesting and energizing.

I had used IT-Pro-3.0 daily for more than one year before beginning with the beta testing for the IT-Pro-V. At the time, I was thrilled with the IT-Pro-3.0 program just as it was! I could not imagine what further changes or improvements one might try to make on what I already considered a wonderfully helpful program.

Over the course of the past year, it has been a thrill to see what changes were being made that I never would have imagined, and all of them for the better. The most difficult part of beta testing, without a doubt, was not being able to tell my friends yet! Now I am glad that I can!

I have enjoyed the many new features that have been added or improved upon along the way. Here are some of my favorite changes:

1. Automatic linking to the word processor documents.

Now when I change from document to document, the Instant Text “follows me” and links automatically to whatever document I am using. This feature has been a huge benefit. It means that I now use IT for all of my documents, since linking up takes no time at all, so I even use it for typing just a few sentences in those very brief documents like chart notes. In version 3.0, I did not always take the time to link IT up for the shorter documents, thinking it not worth taking the extra “manual” steps to do the linking and unlinking. Now that it is automatic, it is always worth the time!

2. The added feature of being able to link Instant Text to other applications, especially my e-mail program.

I like being able to specify my preferred glossary settings and linking choices for these other programs/applications. I can set the linking to be automatic, or on demand.

3. The new automatic sizing capability for the IT window.

I like the way the Instant Text now “sizes itself” up to match the application window that it is linking up to, automatically.

4. File naming.

A subtle new change that I took special notice of is that the automatic spacing turns itself off automatically now for just while I am naming a file in the file naming window, and then the automatic spacing turns back to on for me when I go back to typing the document.

It was a small detail to think about and improve, but it made a big difference to me, especially with naming short documents like chart notes, each in a separate word document. I use template files, which you tend to stop and name midstream, so this little change helped me quite a lot.

5. The glossary viewer, with its new layout and the many new features that are now offered.

I like every change that has been made along the way with this component. It has been made better and better during the beta testing process, as everyone shared their reactions and their “wish lists.”

Now I can tell which glossary every word or phrase is coming from, and I know how to “get to” each word or phrase easily for making edits or changes, regardless of how many glossaries I am using at one time!

I can make all the desired glossary changes from the glossary viewer mode. This is so useful! It makes “tweaking” things to my liking so easy and quick that it is very worth doing, and so of course the outcome is more helpful.

6. The Line Reporter.

I had not used this feature when I was using the IT-Pro-3.0. I billed my clients by gross lines and the earlier Line Reporter version did not count gross lines, so I had not explored this feature before.

The new version of the Line Reporter can now be used for recording the gross lines and it is a very helpful timesaver! It is wonderful to have this automatic logging of the date, the name of the document, the number of lines in the document, the rate per line, the total cost, the client, the typist, and the company name, and more details, all entered into this log for me with the push of one button! Preparing a bill has gone from a one-hour task to a less than two-minute task!

And then, with the new HTML feature, I can save the billing summary in HTML and then insert this summary into my personalized billing documents. During the beta testing process, I have used the HTML feature with both Microsoft Word and Corel Word Perfect 9 documents, and it works beautifully and gives a professional looking result!

7. The twice-monthly billing time frame in the Line Reporter.

At first, the choices were for weekly billing intervals, for monthly intervals, or for any chosen “date ranges.”

I mentioned in passing that I bill my clients twice a month, with the two intervals being the first through the fifteenth and the second interval being the sixteenth to the end of the month. I intended to use the date range choice to do my billing, and set my date ranges accordingly with each billing cycle.

The next thing I knew, they added the twice-monthly choice to the menu of possibilities too! Thanks! I think you did this just for me, and I will be thanking you twice every month for this one, while I am breezing through the billing!

It has been such a fun year and now I am very excited about seeing this terrific new version finally released!

Enjoy using this awesome program, friends!

Patty Ahalt