What users say about Instant Text III

Flexibility and Formatting

by Gail M. Hall

One of the main reasons I like Instant Text is that it works with a variety of word processors. I can use the same glossaries regardless of whether I am using Word, WordPerfect, or Word Pro. I can even use them with MS Works or MS WordPad!

Because MTs are sometimes asked by various clients to use different word processors or current clients want MTs to change to a different application, I don't have to worry about having to change my abbreviation expander just because I have to change to a different word processor. The savings in both time and money can be significant.

Now that Instant Text comes with the ability to store formatting codes such as fonts and text attributes, I can take my boilerplates with me to use with any word processor that uses the standards that Windows offers.

Gail M. Hall