What users say about Instant Text

A Very Good Keystroke-to-Output Ratio

by Jon Knowles

I am an MT who recently beta tested Instant Text Version 2.0, which is now a 32 bit program for Windows 95. I had the unexpected experience of going from someone who wasn't able to use the earlier version of IT at all to now doing nearly all my work with it. I do use my own abbreviation system (a converted and adapted PRD file) and that makes a big difference.

For those not familiar with Instant Text, IT has onscreen Advisories to select Words or Phrases from — which reduces the need for memorization and is the only product I know of in Windows 95 that allows you to do this. (Smartype also does it very well in DOS.)

The main difference in Version 2.0 of IT is that you can now type from within the word processor instead of being outside it. You link IT to the wordprocessor with a few clicks and then can use all of the WP commands and type from within the WP. Much more convenient than before. If you use Wordperfect, you can also use QuickCorrect at the same time. (I could not use IT Version 2 and the old version of FlashForward at the same time in my WP, WP WIN 6.1.)

A number of other changes have been made in IT including it is now 32 bit, glossaries of much greater size are possible, revised nagivation so you can get around more easily in the program as well as customize glossaries more quickly, extensive additions and changes to the Help section, etc.

IT still has the dual entry (Advisory Words and Phrases) marker system. You don't enter text from the Advisories with the spacebar. (I use the ; mostly.) The tradeoff is you can display one or two separate lists (Words and Phrases) to enter text from. Not having the convenience of the spacebar¹ for entering text may still put off some.

I have early CTS and I have found IT useful because you get a very good keystroke-to-output ratio using the Advisories, the Glossaries and the Continuation features.

People may want to check it out.

Jon Knowles

¹ Expansion with the space bar was introduced in version 3.