What users say about Instant Text

Instant Text for Internet Use

by Gail Hall

Mary Morken wrote:

Anyone using IT or anything to type in abbreviations online, like here and in email?

and Judy Hinickle replied:

Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, as well as a variety of word processor, text and e-mail programs, are listed on the IT web page as products Instant Text works with. [...]
It certainly appears to be one of the more versatile Windows-based offerings of its type. Perhaps one of the users of IT has ventured into these other applications and would post here for our benefit.

I have an "email" glossary that I use with Forté Agent. See? My abbreviation is fa and expanding it puts in the correct characters, including the little accent over the e. Sorry for anyone on old UNIX or DOS ISPs or BBSs that use the older ASCII character set. If you are using a MIME compliant newsreader and have your character set to match what Windows uses, then you should see the accent just fine.

Anyway, being able to use IT with a mail reader is really nice!

I am gradually adding info about books, etc., into my glossary so I can quickly provide contact info when mentioning these things. Or simply writing out the correct titles of things I use is easier with an abbreviation:

smt expands to sci.med.transcription

mtdl expands to MT Daily and mtdu expands to http://www.mtdaily.com/

(The u signifies url in my mind.)

So, if I want to type Textware Solutions I use tws. But to type the url, I use twsu so it will expand to http://www.textware.com

Anyway, to answer Mary's original question. Yes, I use Instant Text with my mail and newsreader.

Gail M. Hall