What users say about Instant Text

IT is the greatest text expansion program

by Mike DeTuri

I'm using IT and I think it works wonderfully. For one thing you can add words and phrase combinations from your own previously typed documents in mass directly from the document, instead of one at a time like in ST or PRD.

Even if you use IT just as an abbreviation expander, you get more functionality out of it than you will with PRD because IT displays similar abbreviations. I also think that IT has more functionality than SmarType in that it will find and expand out-of-order letter combinations. For example, in SmarType the word hyperkalemia doesn't display as an option until you type hyperk, in InstantText hyperkalemia displays after typing hpkm.

The really cool thing about IT is that it will analyze and pick out common phrases from the reports you've typed.

I used to have a doctor who started each sentence in the plan with We are going to go ahead and get... In PRD, after doing 200 reports from the guy, I entered an abbreviation of waga to expand this. If I had been using IT at the time, IT would have recognized this phrase and added it to a phrase list after scanning just one or two reports.

Needless to say I think IT is the greatest text expansion program around and at only $100¹ you really can't go wrong.

Mike DeTuri

¹ This was the price for version 2