What users say about Instant Text

Learning Curve with Instant Text

by Julie Casey

Mary Morken wrote:

Glad to hear from an Instant Text user. Please tell us how long you've been using it and how it is coming. How long is the learning curve? - Mary

I like Instant Text, it was super-easy to learn, thought about it for the first day or so and then it just happens.

You really need to read the well-written manual that comes with it. There are several options for using it, kind of a pick your favorite way to accomplish this task from four choices. Reading the manual will make a big difference as to whether you like or hate the program. Every time I thought I wish it would, it turns out it did.

Also the customer support on this product is terrific. They have been not only willing to answer any questions I ran into quickly and efficiently, they are not satisfied until they are sure you fully understand.

Learning cuve is minimal. You just go along happily. The only changes you really make is learning to use the / or ; (or anything else you choose) to expand words as opposed to the space bar. I also like the fact that when you have some dictation built up for a specific doctor/specialty you can scan him/her/it into their own glossary and all the catch phrases pop up with ease.

Whoops, for your final question, I have only been using it for about 6-8 weeks. Within two days I was working along at my normal pace, within one week I had a good speed improvement.

Julie Casey