Fitaly as a Bluetooth hardware peripheral is possible IF...

Posted by Robert Carnegie 2010 , 02/22/2012, 15:51:30 Reply   Forum

...first, you get a recent Blackberry phone. AND a version of Fitaly that runs on it. Which doesn't exist. Hint: This might (if it works that way) possibly be an Android version of Fitaly. Which would be nice to have anyway.

You see, apparently the newly released "Blackberry Remote" software causes the Blackberry handset to operate as a keyboard and/or "mouse" for a Blackberry Playbook OR any other device that recognises what a Bluetooth keyboard is, by announcing to the world that it is one of those.

So if your Blackberry handset is running a legal version of Fitaly (which is not available, admittedly), then it looks as though your PC or other device, of any operating system (except iPads, apparently, but presupmably including Linux and maybe Mac OS X), can be provided with a Fitaly handset as keyboard substitute.

Yes, it is a big "if".

And I am assuming that -that- would be legal, also - that the PC wouldn't need its own Fitaly licence - but it's a little while since I read the licence that I'm using.

Well, anyway, it's an idea.

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