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Re: Fitaly with a capacitive stylus for finger-touch screens -- Juan G
Posted by Robert Carnegie 2010 , 11/09/2010, 01:41:42 Reply Top of Thread Forum

(I wonder what happened to my old Fitaly forum account?)

I cut a long finger-hole in the side of an old felt pen and in the pad of ink-bearing felt, washed the last ink out of it, and wetted it - and that worked, up to a point.

But I didn't have for long the workplace screen that I assume to have been capacitative - reacting to flesh-touch but not to most inanimate objects (including metal: "conductive" isn't the whole story). Neither that nor the resistive(?) replacement were quite accurate enough for efficient use of Fitaly, I felt, compared to the original Tablet PCs, a few of the new good ones, and Wacom's Cintiq monitor: an electronic stlyus whose position is read by the computer continuously, not only when you tap.

Errors being inevitable even so, I also got good results with Sound Pilot(?) software and an additional download to speak letters as you "type", so that you hear mistakes. But they didn't let me keep that, either.

I think all of that was a couple of years ago: maybe the current generation of screens on sale is better?

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