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Posted by digee , 09/01/2010, 05:43:53 Reply   Forum

I just purchased a Samsung Vibrant and have immersed myself in the world of Android. There are a lot of great features in Android, including the Swype Keyboard. As a long user of Fitaly, I really like the keyboard and hope it will be on the Android platform very soon. Windows Mobile appears archaic, with little chance of resurrection, unless version 7 is successful. Many other users of Fitaly continue to ask if there will be an iPhone or Android version anytime soon? Is this possible? If not, I think Fitaly might not have a chance to reap huge financial gain in two growing software markets. The time is very ripe to introduce the speed and efficiency of Fitaly to millions of people. It is my hope Fitaly will be my main input on my Android phone, but for now I will use the Swype Keyboard.

Swype has a lot of excellent features, but the Fitaly layout is far quicker and efficient. Fitaly designers might consider using some of the Swype ideas with the Fitaly layout. Please release your keyboard on these two platforms very soon.

Thanks again,


James Garritson

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