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Posted by Will Williams , 04/24/2010, 21:59:24 Reply Top of Thread Forum

Hi, Marianne and Emmanuel

I have just got my HTC Desire (to be called Incredible in N America). I never used FITALY in the early days of the Palm and other hardware.

I came back to your website to see if FITALY would be available on Android and I too am disappointed it is not, yet. My phone has no built-in physical keyboard and I'd love to be able to use the FITALY layout for a touch screen keyboard.

I'd like to see a version available from/with approval of Textware now, please. Even if it is a Beta, or an interim release. Android Market would be a great way for this to be promoted, sold and distributed, in addition to your website.

The environment of the Android OS on Smart phones reminds me of how things were 1986-1996, when PCs really were "personal", not tied to what the network administrators allow users to do, and with enthusiasts and small entrepreneurs, just like you guys, with Instant Text, swapping ideas. I'm sure there'd be a quick and steady flow of early adopters and the potential for a huge new following for FITALY.

If you release a finger keyboard, I'd suggest you make the most common punctuation keys and numeral keys available by holding down the letter keys for slightly longer.

Best wishes from England
Will Williams

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