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Re: Fitaly on other platforms -- Marianne
Posted by Dang , 03/15/2010, 22:59:10 Reply Top of Thread Forum

    I don't mean to sound rude, but you've been saying that for quite a long time. We understand that those things are important. Please take them into consideration, and let us know when (or if?) you plan to port Fitaly to other platforms.

    We know TextWare isn't as big as Microsoft, but if a non-developer (thebear21) can get the basic idea working during a lunch break, how difficult can it be?

    Have you contacted manufacturers to find out how to get Fitaly installed alongside a QWERTY layout? I would think developing a "proof of concept" would go along way. Maybe thebear21 could help out there. (hint, hint)

    We all miss Jean, but have there been any significant releases since 2007?

    Again, I must apologize for sounding rude, but you've said that kind of thing before. I've resisted upgrading my device until Fitaly is on Android or iPhone. I'm getting frustrated, losing hope that it will be there when I can't avoid upgrading.

    Thank you for letting me rant,


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