Fitaly on HTC Touch Pro 2

Re: Please don't collapse it... -- Rob
Posted by chrisrees , 11/04/2009, 10:43:28 Reply Top of Thread Forum

I have a Touch Pro 2 and was suffering from the same problem. I tried the registry edit approach suggested above but the registry keys specified were not there. I am neither knowledgeable nor brave enough to poke about in the registry! However I went back to the xda-developers site and found the solution. Simply disable xt9 settings! Totally counter-intuitive but now the suggestions from Windows come back, as well as the FITALY glossary. They are a bit capricious, in that some words I would expect don't come up but at least I get some help. You then have to switch the XT9 back on if you want to use the hardware keyboard with suggestions, which I do when I am on the move, e.g. in a bus or train, and the stylus is hard to use.

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