Fitaly needs to be on ALL Platforms to Succeed

Re: Fitaly on Android? -- Darrell
Posted by digee , 10/15/2009, 00:36:19 Reply Top of Thread Forum

I really hope that Fitaly has plans to put software out for all platforms because it appears Windows Mobile is losing market-share. While I use Windows Mobile 6.1, it definitely is lacking elegance and features. Fortunately, there is a lot of good software such as Fitaly that make Windows Mobile useful, but in the long run, your company has a lot of potential to grow and make mobile computing more efficient with platform expansion. Finger boards are also a necessity. I still use my stylus and hope it will remain as an option, but find finger touch is fast, efficient, and important on a mobile phone. I hope Fitaly becomes an industry-standard keyboard.
James Garritson

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