It's installed - but it's small

Re: Yes Pocket PCs run Windows Mobile -- emmanuel
Posted by larrychester , 09/02/2009, 02:16:55 Reply Top of Thread Forum

OK, I have installed Fitaly 5 on my Samsung Omnia. It works fine - mostly, I still need to set up the defaults on the slides, etc, to fine tune it for the way that I will want to use it.

But, the display is sooooo small. There is absolutely no way that I could type using my finger. I need to use the stylus all the time. Is there a way of enlarging the virtual keypad, especially if I rotate it to the landscape position. That's where I usually type anyway, because the keyboard is larger. But the Fitaly keyboard isn't much larger, and there's a lot of extra space on the sides.

Any solution to the size issue?


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