Problem agreed and good news, we have a fix

Re: Problem using Fitaly with SIP switchers -- mvuille
Posted by Emmanuel , 08/25/2009, 14:45:20 Reply Top of Thread Forum

Hi Martin,

Thank you for making us aware of this problem.
Thanks also for your willingness to test and confirm that the version we prepared corrects the problem.

Maybe other users have encountered this problem with SIP switchers too and will be interested in the fix.

We will update our Fitaly installers and CAB files shortly.
Meanwhile, for those who would like to have the corrected version immediately, you would need to perform following steps:

- open the Fitaly Options, go to the Operations tab and select Keyboard as startup input method.
- soft reset your device
- download FitalyServer.exe and FitalyClient.exe from the Fitaly site to your mobile device's windows folder.

and then you should be up and running.

Best regards,

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